Our mission is to provide seniors with resources to actively engage in their community.

Here you’ll be able to chat with your peers, create your own blog, share your experiences, network, and look for part time or full time employment at your own terms.

You will decide the next chapter of your life, and you will not do it alone.

Our grassroots movement aims for a paradigm shift in how people see and face senior living. With your experiences and input, we will help guide you through your new golden years. Together, in this platform, you will rediscover yourself and decide your present and future.

Our generations live and remain active much longer than the ones before us. Every 8 seconds, someone turns 65 – that’s 10,000 people per day. Today, 13% of Americans are 65+. At this rate, by 2030 almost 20% of the nation’s population will be 65+.

Pangea 65 aims to redefine aging and senior living and, in the process, reshape America’s economic and social standards.