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Always Try Something New!

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    When I moved to the L.A. area four years ago, I came for my fiancee, Ivy. I had hoped that between us we could have some gastronomical adventures and she could introduce me to some Filipino cooking.

    I never thought that I would be getting back to my roots and decided video reviews on the Kingspirit Travels channel would increase. I figured that between reviewing and cooking that cooking would be my main focus. It is to a certain degree but I also hope I could share my love of new things that I tried once I was able to.

    From American fare to Pho, I am still surprised by how many places cater to so many delectable palates.

    I only hope I can rise to the challenge to try something new each time I share my experiences here on Pangea.

    Do you have a favorite new item or items you can’t get enough of?

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