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Remembering Family

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    Reflections on family members, experiences and maybe what they used to do or say.


    I miss the old days. I mean I really, really miss the old days!

    Just yesterday I was thinking about when I was a growing up in Connecticut . I was the middle child with two brothers. Back then on Sunday afternoons my mom would often announce , “Hop in the car. We’re going to visit so and so”. And off we go, in the back of a station wagon , my brothers and me, off to visit her favorite friends for the afternoon. Back then I remember after we arrived we’d all sit in the living room. The adults sat together and the kids sat off to the side.

    I distinctly remember, were instructed to sit quietly, often with our hands folded, mouths shut, bodies still, while the adults talked and drank tea or, of all things, Sanka. Eventually my brother’s and I grew restless. We always did. We were kids. And eventually, as always, I remember mom quickly caught on and before saying anything she’d give us that look. That lingering stare. That hold on look. That your turn is coming look. That just be patient look. That, “speak when you’re spoken to otherwise be quiet” look. You know that look!

    Sometimes the look from mom was all it took and sometimes well the urge giggle and laugh or blurt out something completely non-urgent was simply irresistable. My 7 year god children do it today and I can’t get mad, God bless them. Funny thing is, when we broke the silence as kids, our mom, without missing a beat, would quietly interject of her famous one-liners, one I’ll never forget. She’d hold her nose up and softly say, Ahem, “A hint to the wise is sufficient”.

    Every time I get in a conversation and it seems to go on and on or somebody keeps getting cut off I think about my mom, and wonder to myself, who’s not making a point or who’s not getting the point here. Is it me? A hint to the wise…. I miss my mom and old folks words of wisdom like that.


    Victorj’s post brings back memories of family trips we took as well. I had two younger sisters and the three of us sat bored in the back seat, looking out the window, praying that we would reach our destination soon.

    I have to admit I am super envious of kids today who have cellphones, ipads, dvd etc to keep them entertained for hours. Thais is one area that technology has definitely improved the quality of life.

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