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    • sandrabthomas posted in the group Choosing a Reflective Paper Topic 2 months, 1 week ago

      When you contact professionals about remediation services, they are going to schedule a time to come to the location. They may ask you a series of questions to help give them an idea of what they could be dealing with. For example, they may ask you about any odors or color changes to the area. They will ask you what caused you to contact them for assistance. Time will be scheduled for them to show up and take samples of the contaminated soil and underground water.

      They will need to compare the results and get a scope of how widespread the problem is. The samples are carefully selected and transported back to a laboratory. The standards in place in that area compared to what the test results show. If the results are higher than the allowed limits for any types of contaminants, additional remediation services will need to be conducted to contain and remove them.
      If they are below the limits, they will encourage follow up testing after a certain amount of time has passed. If the level is much higher then, they will provide you with options to reduce them. The testing through remediation services will identify the types of contaminated soil and water. The plan of action with remediation services will also include how to remove and dispose of the contaminated soil. There are legal procedures that have to be followed to comply. As a result, entities offering these types of services have to be certified. Ask to see that verification to ensure they have the right credentials to complete this type of work.